Why do Scorpions Glow in the Dark?!

t&tmystery (3)


Due to a mystery themed week at our museum recently, our young visitors were able to discover several interesting things about the creatures living in our Living Wonders exhibit. They helped follow footprints and clues, conducted interviews, and searched for our “missing” corn snake, Cheddar. They discovered he was away from his habitat to have lunch in his feeding area! 

Another discovery was conducted with a special UV flashlight. When the flashlight was directed at the shiny black skin of our scorpion it turned white and glowed! Why in the world would a scorpion need to glow in the dark? 

Scorpions are already equipped with a stinging tail, several legs, and pincher like claws. So, why do scorpions glow in the dark? There are many theories behind their glow, some say it is to dazzle their prey, others say it to help to find other scorpions in the dark of the night. Some scientists state that the nocturnal scorpions like to hunt in the evenings because the UV light exposure is low. Ex: Scorpions are less likely to hunt on a full moon night than on a night when the moon is projecting lower amounts of light. 

One thing is for sure, the scorpion’s natural ability to glow in the dark is mesmerizing! Come check out our scorpion on your next visit to The Children’s Museum of Alamance County and ask to experiment with the special UV flashlight so that you can see him glow! 





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