Power Play!

How do you and your children define Imagination? 

Is imagination found through stories, the arts, being in nature, or working with blocks and puzzles in your living room at home? Imagination is everywhere!

Every day is a good day to use your imagination for play. Whether you’re a frequent visitor to CMAC or you haven’t visited yet, we can’t wait for your admission visit to see us and enjoy ALL DAY imaginative play. 

Our museum encourages imagination and creativity through play. We encourage you to visit and explore all of our 8 exhibits spaces in our 14,000 sq ft facilty. A special feature in our Building Zone exhibit are our spectacular giant blue blocks from Imagination Playground! These blocks are a wonderful example of how kids of all ages can use their imagination through amazing building creations of their own. 




Below are featured examples of some of our museum visitor’s blue block creations. 








Come Explore and Play at CMAC! 

Tue-Friday 10 am – 4 pm 

Saturday 10 am – 5 pm 

Sunday 1-5 pm 

CMAC Website for Hours and Museum Happenings!


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