Titanic Remembrance Day

On this day in 1912, the Titanic sank in the icy waters of the north Atlantic ocean. Titanic Remembrance Day is dedicated to the memory of the Titanic, and over 1,500 who went down with the ship.

The Titanic was called “unsinkable” and the “safest ship afloat” by her builder and designer. However, on her maiden voyage from England to New York City, the cruise ship Titanic hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. This occurred on April 14, 1912 at 11:40 p.m.  Two hours later, with a gaping gash in her side, the ship quickly sank in icy waters. 1,522 passengers and crew died.

1.  In 1912, The RMS Titanic was the largest man-made moving object on Earth, measuring 882 feet in length. Right now, the largest passenger vessel is MS Allure of the Seas, at 1,187 feet. Check out the comparison from regular sized objects to the giant Titanic, below!

2. It is said that a massive team of 176 men used to shovel around 600 ton of coal a day for the ship to use as fuel. That’s 1.2 million pounds of coal a day!

3. The ship had its own board newspaper called the ‘Atlantic Daily Bulletin’ and seemed to have everything on board including facilities including gym, pool, Turkish bath, a kennel for first class dogs and also a squash court.

4. It is said that originally, a lifeboat drill was scheduled to take place on board on the day the ship hit the iceberg. However, for an unknown reason, Captain Smith reportedly canceled the drill. Many people believe that if the drill had taken place, many lives could have been saved.


5. Bizarrely enough, after lookouts sounded the alert, the officers on the ship had only 37 seconds to react before the Titanic hit the iceberg.6. Despite numerous other facilities that the ship had, there were not enough lifeboats to save everyone on board.


6. Despite numerous other facilities that the ship had, there were no enough lifeboats to save everyone on board.

7. While the ship was luxurious for First Class Passengers, the 3rd class had only 2 bathtubs to be used by more than 700 passengers.

8. When the Titanic began sending out distress signals, another boat called Californian was the closest ship, but did not respond until it was too late to help.

9. According to the rules, women and children were to be sent into lifeboats first. More importantly, there were not enough lifeboats for everyone on board the Titanic. Even then, it was surprising how 2 dogs made into the lifeboats and were saved out of 9 dogs.

10. The Titanic was also a Royal Mail Ship, responsible for delivering mail for British postal service. It is said that at that time, the ship had over 3,400 sacks of mail. That means, there were over 7 million individual pieces of letters or mail.

11. John Jacob Astor IV was the richest passenger on board, with a net worth of around $85m. One legend suggests that when the ship hit the iceberg, he joked with a waiter inside saying: “I asked for ice, but this is ridiculous”. He went down with the ship.

12. Another notable victim is said to be an American businessman Benjamin Guggenheim. It is said that when the ship hit the iceberg, he and his servant changed into their evening wear saying: “We’ve dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.”

13. Numerous people turned out to be lucky for, they had tickets for the journey, but did not actually sail. Among them was Milton S. Hershey, founder of the chocolate firm, Guglielmo Marconi and Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, who died in RMS Lusitania only 3 years after Titanic sank.


14. The last surviving passenger of Titanic, Millvina Dean, died on May 31, 2009 at the age of 97, was only 2 months old when Titanic sank.


15. It is said that the iceberg which hit Titanic was around 100 feet tall and came from a glacier in Greenland. Only 1/10th of the actual iceberg could be physically seen, while about 900 feet of the iceberg was hidden underwater.


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