Signs of Spring

Spring has officially sprung and it’s almost everywhere you look! What have you noticed? From the weather forecast to everyone that’s outside enjoying the beautiful day, there are many signs that Spring has finally arrived! Check out some of these signs and share with us how you know Spring is here!





As soon as you start to see daffodils and other flowers pushing up through the ground, it’s a sure sign that spring is on the way (even if there’s still frost on the ground). Those are just the flowers leading the pack, there are also tulips, daisies and cherry blossoms. The grass gets its green color back and trees start to bloom.







The Spring Equinox (usually marked on calendars) is a pretty easy way to figure out when it’s spring too. Remember the old memory trick for time change, “Spring Forward, Fall Back”? Well the clocks go forward one hour as we go into Spring, adding an extra hour of daylight to this beautiful season, and naturally the temperature goes up as well! Read more about the The Spring Equinox, here.




Flowers aren’t the only ones that come out of hiding during spring. After the cold of winter you’ll notice more animals out enjoying the warmer weather and greener environment! Everything from small creatures like bugs, butterflies and birds to bigger animals like ducks, bunnies and deer start making their appearance.


After the long dark winter, the first thing you notice about spring is the sunshine, although it’s the rain that truly brings out the beauty in this season. The rain gives the plants the nourishments they need. The grass and flowers thrive from receiving both rain and sun!

Check out these great Spring print-outs that you can color and decorate with at home!


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