How Does It Work?
Water is denser than oil and the two liquids never mix. So when the water moves, it pushes the oil around, making shapes like waves. Take a look at what happens when the 2 are combined!

What You Will Need:
Clear bottle/jar with lid
Blue food coloring
Glitter (optional)
Cooking or baby oil
Plastic floating toys





1. Fill the bottle/jar halfway with water






2. Add drops of food coloring until you like the color you see

3. Shake in a little glitter






4. Pour in oil until the jar is three-quarters full







5. Place a floating toy on top of the oil, then screw on the lid tightly

6. Shake the jar gently to set your ocean in motion



Check out other great experiments on National Geographic Kids! These awesome illustrations come from the the blog of the Austin Children’s Museum!


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