Recycled Robot Craft

Do you have a bin full of recyclable items? Chances are you do and you may not even realize it. Tin or metal cans, paper or cardboard, glass or plastic bottles, batteries or old electronics can all be recycled and reused for something else. Recycling is not only great for our earth, but fun too!

With this craft, you can take your recyclables and turn them into something creative and fun; a recycled robot! There really is no right or wrong way to make your robot – just gather anything you have from the recycling bin and start creating! The best part is that children can put their creative thinking caps on and make a robot that is unique by them.

  • Start by gathering anything you have: cereal boxes, empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, cans, old CD’s, plastic bottles, bottle caps, etc.
  • Place all your items in groups on the kitchen table or wherever you have a large clean space
  • Begin constructing the robot however you desire (pictures below to give you ideas for where to start)

One of the coolest recycled robots we found was on the Kix website! It has a great step-by-step for instructions and easy to follow details for the materials that it takes to make their robot.

Don’t forget to make the robot your own! Allow the kids to pick and choose what colors, stickers, tape or robot buttons to use. Use googly eyes and construction paper or pipe cleaners for hair to make your robots come alive! The best part about recycled robots is that every one created will look different from the next!


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