Special Delivery!

The Children’s Museum of Alamance County will be visited by Mr. McFeely from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on Saturday, February 8th.  At 4 p.m., Mr. McFeely will dedicate CMAC’s brick donor wall and talk about the importance of play, and then have a meet & greet with families in CMAC’s post office exhibit until 5 p.m. (included with regular admission).

Mr. McFeely was the delivery man on the popular children’s show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. His character was best known for his catchphrase, “Speedy Delivery!”

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, most commonly known as simply Mister Rogers, is an American children’s television series that was created and hosted by Fred Rogers. The series originated in 1963 and it aired until August, 2001. The series is aimed primarily at preschool ages 2-5. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was characterized by its quiet simplicity and gentleness. Episodes consisted of Rogers speaking directly to the viewer about various issues, taking the viewer on tours of factories, demonstrating experiments, crafts, and music, and interacting with his friends.

1. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood is the longest running program on PBS.

2. Many of Mr. Rogers’ famous sweaters he wore on the show were made by his mother.

3. Mr. Rogers was a vegetarian.

4. Unlike on most children’s shows, Mr. Rogers played himself not just in name, but also in personality and mannerisms, changing nothing about how he acted off camera to how he acted on camera.

5. One of the reasons Mr. Rogers says he stuck to his own true personality is that: “One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self. I also believe that kids can spot a phony a mile away.”


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