Recyclable Art

Happy New Year! Christmas is over and you may still be in the process of getting rid of old wrapping paper/rolls or other Christmas related items but before you toss anything, think about what could be recycled to use for crafts with the kids later on! We’ve got a few ideas for you for items that could be recycled into some great crafts for the children in your home!


Wrapping paper tube
Card stock/construction paper
Leftover wrapping paper
Ribbon or tissue paper
Glue, tape, stapler

1. Grab an empty wrapping paper tube and decorate it with crayons, markers, paint etc., whatever you’d like or cover it with leftover wrapping paper of your choice.
2. Fold the card stock/construction paper, whatever you have available, in half and then draw and cut the paper into the shape of the face of the hobby horse. (After cut but when still folded in half, the paper should be able to wrap around one end of the tube like shown in the picture above).
3. Draw eyes, a nose and smile onto the paper to create the face of the horse.
4. Glue or staple the face to one end of the tube, wrapping around the tube securely.
5. Cut ribbon or tissue paper into 1 inch or smaller strips and staple to the very top of the end with the face on it for hair, and then do the same at the other end of the tube as well.
6. Use a different colored paper for the horn if you wish to make a unicorn instead of a horse.







Wrapping paper tube
Markers, crayons, stickers
Aluminum foil or wax paper
Masking tape
Popcorn kernels
Uncooked rice



1. Cut a small square of aluminum foil/wax paper, enough to cover the end of the tube, and wrap it around the end of the tube firmly.


2. Cut long strips of masking tape and tape over the aluminum foil completely, ensuring that the contents will not break through.
3. Pour popcorn kernels, rice, coffee beans, uncooked pinto beans, etc. into the tube.
4. Repeat step 2, completely securing the other end.
5. Decorate your rain stick however you would like and enjoy! Use materials such as string, paint, stickers.
**For additional ideas for what to include inside of your rain stick, follow this step by step guide we found online!


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