DIY Pom Pom Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner and the kids will be out of school soon if they’re not already home! We’ve got a great little Christmas craft for ornaments to keep the kids busy that could be given to friends and family as homemade gifts for their own tree or simply kept as a keep-sake for years to come! Check out this adorable DIY ornaments!

Here’s what you’ll need:

You can get clear glass ornaments at just about any craft store or buy in bulk online, along with the pom poms as well!

1. Start out with just taking the lids off of the larger and small glass ornaments and filling them full with different colored pom poms based on your preference. This part doesn’t require glue, so little hands will love helping with this!
**Use pipe cleaners or a pencil or pen to push pom poms around in the ornament to make room for more if needed.

2. Once finished filling the ornament with pom poms, simply secure the lid back onto the top to cover the opening! You could then leave the ornament exactly like it is or you could use paint pens or puffy paint to write a message on the ornament, or a name and date of when you made the ornament. The possibilities are endless!

3. For a third and optional step, you could also take the clear glass ornament and hot glue pom poms to the outside of the ornament. This step is one you would need to do without the kids so they do not risk getting burned by the glue gun.

Check out this wonderful blog where we got the idea for these adorable pom pom ornaments! The blog is posted by a mother of 2 young children so she has great crafting ideas for any occasion!


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