Santa hat snacks

Looking for the perfect healthy snack that’s also holiday themed? Look no further! We have 2 options that would be great for the office, school or holiday party at home.


Green grapes
Mini marshmallows

1. Peel and slice bananas into 1/3 inch slices.
2. Slice the top off of each strawberry.
3. Have bag of marshmallows open and prepared. Begin stacking grape, banana slice, strawberry then marshmallow, one after the other onto the toothpick in that order to resemble Santa hat.
4. Repeat stacking order for each toothpick.

For chocolate lovers, another option includes brownies with the Santa hat on top.

Desired brownie mix (box/homemade)
Vanilla icing
Optional: Marshmallows



1. Bake brownies according to recipe, let cool.

2. Cut brownies in small squares or use a circle cookie-cutter to slice brownies into circles.



3. Cut the tops off of the strawberries and ice them on the bottom enough to allow them to attach to the brownie.

4. Spoon icing into sandwich bag and snip a small corner to pipe the icing onto the brownie around the base of the strawberry.


5. After icing around the strawberry, pipe a small dot of icing to the point of the strawberry to complete the Santa hat.

**Optional: Add mini marshmallows to be placed around the base of the strawberry after the icing has been been piped.


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