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New Year’s Resolutions

What is a New Year’s resolution? A New Year’s resolution is a promise that you make to yourself.  It is a tradition for people to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year for things they want to do in the new year. There are many different kinds of resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are the perfect time to look back at what all you’ve done in the past year. Think about all the changes that have taken place and growing that you’ve done! Look back on what you’ve accomplished so far in the school year and make plans for the rest of the year!

One sort of resolution has to do only with yourself. You might decide to start eating less candy, watch less TV, read more or go to bed earlier. Other resolutions might involve family or friends. You could decide to be more patient with your little brother, to be more helpful to your mom or not to get into fights with your friends. Some resolutions are about school and the outside world, such as getting to class on time, working harder to get better grades or volunteering more.

If you manage to keep these promises, it will make you feel better about yourself. So it’s important not to make  wild resolutions that are too difficult to follow. Your promises to yourself should not be too hard to keep.


A great book to check out to learn more about New Year’s resolutions is Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution. Squirrel’s quest for a New Year’s resolution leads to good deeds and food for thought for children wanting to make resolutions of their own. A great read-aloud for the first of January!


DIY Pom Pom Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner and the kids will be out of school soon if they’re not already home! We’ve got a great little Christmas craft for ornaments to keep the kids busy that could be given to friends and family as homemade gifts for their own tree or simply kept as a keep-sake for years to come! Check out this adorable DIY ornaments!

Here’s what you’ll need:

You can get clear glass ornaments at just about any craft store or buy in bulk online, along with the pom poms as well!

1. Start out with just taking the lids off of the larger and small glass ornaments and filling them full with different colored pom poms based on your preference. This part doesn’t require glue, so little hands will love helping with this!
**Use pipe cleaners or a pencil or pen to push pom poms around in the ornament to make room for more if needed.

2. Once finished filling the ornament with pom poms, simply secure the lid back onto the top to cover the opening! You could then leave the ornament exactly like it is or you could use paint pens or puffy paint to write a message on the ornament, or a name and date of when you made the ornament. The possibilities are endless!

3. For a third and optional step, you could also take the clear glass ornament and hot glue pom poms to the outside of the ornament. This step is one you would need to do without the kids so they do not risk getting burned by the glue gun.

Check out this wonderful blog where we got the idea for these adorable pom pom ornaments! The blog is posted by a mother of 2 young children so she has great crafting ideas for any occasion!

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Snow Dough

Today at the museum we made Snow Dough and it was a hit! We want to extend the recipe to you so that the fun can continue at your own home as well! The possibilities are endless with this fun, glittery snow!


1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
2 tsp of vegetable oil
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 cup of water
Peppermint oil

Mix and create!

Santa hat snacks

Looking for the perfect healthy snack that’s also holiday themed? Look no further! We have 2 options that would be great for the office, school or holiday party at home.


Green grapes
Mini marshmallows

1. Peel and slice bananas into 1/3 inch slices.
2. Slice the top off of each strawberry.
3. Have bag of marshmallows open and prepared. Begin stacking grape, banana slice, strawberry then marshmallow, one after the other onto the toothpick in that order to resemble Santa hat.
4. Repeat stacking order for each toothpick.

For chocolate lovers, another option includes brownies with the Santa hat on top.

Desired brownie mix (box/homemade)
Vanilla icing
Optional: Marshmallows



1. Bake brownies according to recipe, let cool.

2. Cut brownies in small squares or use a circle cookie-cutter to slice brownies into circles.



3. Cut the tops off of the strawberries and ice them on the bottom enough to allow them to attach to the brownie.

4. Spoon icing into sandwich bag and snip a small corner to pipe the icing onto the brownie around the base of the strawberry.


5. After icing around the strawberry, pipe a small dot of icing to the point of the strawberry to complete the Santa hat.

**Optional: Add mini marshmallows to be placed around the base of the strawberry after the icing has been been piped.

Celebrating Hanukkah

Hanukkah is the Jewish Feast of Lights or Feast of Dedication.The Hebrew word Hanukkah means dedication. The holiday begins on the eve of the 25th day of the Hebrew Month of Kislev and lasts eight days. Hanukkah usually falls in the month of December, but occasionally can start in November.

Hanukkah is celebrated with a series of rituals that are performed every day throughout the 8-day holiday. Each evening, one additional candle is lit on the Hanukkah menorah. Some rituals are family-based and others communal. During Hanukkah, gifts are exchanged and contributions are made to the poor.  By the last evening, eight lighted candles stand together. There are special additions to the daily prayer service, and a section is added to the blessing after meals.

Hanukkah Traditions
Every community has its unique Hanukkah traditions, but there are some traditions that are almost universally practiced. They are: lighting the hanukkiyah, spinning the dreidel and eating fried foods.

Lighting the menorah: Every year it is customary to commemorate the miracle of the Hanukkah oil by lighting candles on a menorah. The menorah is lit every night for eight nights.

Spinning the dreidel: A popular Hanukkah game is spinning the dreidel, which is a four-sided top with Hebrew letters written on each side.

Eating fried foods: Because Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of oil, it is traditional to eat fried foods such as latkes and sufganiyot during the holiday. atkes are pancakes made out of potatoes and onions, which are fried in oil and then served with applesauce. Sufganiyot are jelly-filled donuts that are fried andsometimes dusted with sugar before eating.


Field Trip Forecast for Dec 4th-Dec 13th

Field Trip Forecast for Dec 4th-Dec 13th

Wed, Dec 4th: None
Thurs, Dec 5th: 15 children, 10-11:45 am
Fri, Dec 6th: None
Tues, Dec 10th: Group Free Tuesdays
Wed, Dec 11th: 110 kids, 10-12:30 pm
Thurs, Dec 12 60 children, 10-12 pm
Fri, Dec 13th: None

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