Healthy Halloween Treats

Looking for a creative way to make eating healthy, fun for your little ones? We’ve found a snack that we think is perfect for you and your picky eaters to make and eat for Halloween! The best part – there are only 4 ingredients!

“Boo”-nana ghosts

Chocolate Chips

1. Peel and cut the bananas in half.
2. Add two small chocolate chips for the ghost’s eyes and one chocolate chip (point facing in) for the mouth.

Want to make the ghosts last even longer? Try dipping the banana halves into white chocolate, adding  chocolate chip eyes and mouth, then freezing the ghosts on popsicle sticks. For this recipe, follow this link!



Little pumpkins


1. Peel the clementine and take out the middle but keep the fruit together.
2. Cut the celery into pieces to create the pumpkin’s stem and place it in the middle of the clementine.


You’re ready to serve!

We’d love to see what snacks you and your family are making to get in the Halloween spirit! Send us pictures of your family eating these delicious healthy treats and we’ll post them to our blog!


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