Tips: Back to School!

Getting a new school year off to a good start can influence your child’s attitude, confidence and performance. After a long summer with the kids at home, the transition from August to September can be difficult for both children and parents.  Even children who are eager and excited to return to school must adjust to the greater levels of classwork, structure and pressures associated with school life. The most important thing to remember throughout the process is organization and balance!

We’ve gathered a few tips that we hope will help keep your family on track as the kids head back to school!

Make a list.
Make a list for each child of everything they will need for their first day of school such as lunch boxes, gym clothes and school supplies. Supplies needed vary with each grade level – a kindergartener won’t need the same supplies as a fifth grader so it helps to plan ahead!

Be a savvy shopper.
An informed shopper is a savvy shopper, so prepare before you shop. It can become overwhelming but take an afternoon and access each child’s clothing needs before school starts. Empty drawers and closets of outgrown or worn-out clothing, and either donate unwanted or needed clothing or store it for hand-me-downs. Check with your child’s school for dress codes and shop early – August is the second-biggest sales month for clothing retailers!

Get a calendar.
Get a good sized monthly  calendar and put it up in a place where your family doesn’t have to go out of their way to look, like in your kitchen. Write down any important dates such as teacher parent meetings, deadlines, plays, practice, etc. During the first week or two of school especially you’ll be getting lots of notes and reminders so it’s good to have a system in place before school starts.  Having a smaller scale weekly calendar that can be changed out to display each week is great as well. Follow this link to print a free weekly calendar for your family! Frame the printable calendars and then use dry-erase markers to change important dates each week!

Schedule tasks.
Family life doesn’t always go like planned so try to set a flexible schedule for certain tasks such as homework times. Plan ahead so that you can fit in homework and dinner times around the kid’s extracurricular activities without having to rush too much. Kids get tired and if they’re rushing from one place to the other, they will be less likely to want to sit down and do their homework. By setting a flexible schedule and even meal planning you can avoid a lot of unnecessary disagreements.

Plan ahead.
Preparing as many things the night before as possible will alleviate a lot of stress the next morning. Lay your kids clothes out so they’re ready for the next day or give them the responsibility to do it themselves. Pack their lunches, make sure their book bags are packed the night before as well. Come morning, everyone will be a lot more relaxed if you don’t have to rush. Try creating a dinner menu plan for the week so you’ll know exactly what groceries to shop for.

Check out these websites for cool lunch ideas for kids!
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Establish a bedtime routine.
Begin to start establishing a school-year bed time routine again. If your kids already have one that’s great, but if you’ve been a little relaxed over the summer break it’s probably best to slowly get them back into the routine. Talk about the importance of getting enough sleep that they can feel good at school and try to stick to a schedule.

For more back-to-school tips for the family, check out this website!


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