Lazy Days of Summer

Sometimes summer can put a slump in your kids routine. They’re used to going to school and having a specific schedule so when mid-summer rolls around and all the excitement of summer break has set in, switch things up by doing activities that are fun for them but also connect the fun to learning without them even realizing it!

Below are ideas of activities for your kids to do alone or along with you that incorporate fun and learning:

Superheroes, Dolls and Make-Believe
Allowing kids to simply use their imagination is lending them the power to do and be whoever they want.  Playing along with them encourages creative play and also  enhances their understanding of story elements, like plot, setting and characterization.

Kitchen Time
Kids want to do what you do and inviting them to cook with you, even if it’s a simple recipe, helps them practice measurements and fractions. Think of your kitchen as a learning laboratory!

Family Game Nights
Playing any game leads to competition and also counting. Whether it’s a board game, card game or trivia, it usually involves numbers. Children will become more familiar with figures, to add and subtract, estimates and probability.

What are some activities that you and your family like to do in the summer?


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